Bitcoin Solo Mining Pool




This is a mining pool dedicated to mining bitcoins with the full reward of a solo miner being paid out. You will get paid when you have found a block and will receive the FULL 25 bitcoin miner premium.

Payment will be made to your account after the block has been confirmed by the bitcoin network.

The pool will take the transaction fees which are a part of the found block. For example, if the found block is worth 25.12 bitcoins then you will receive 25 bitcoins and the pool will receive 0.12 bitcoins. The pool will also merge mine Namecoins and any Namecoins found will go towards funding the pool.

For a detailed setup guide see How To page

Quick Setup Guide

No registration required

Username: Your Bitcoin Address to receive payment on
Password: Any password will work

Example Miner Settings

These settings will mine to the following bitcoin address 1KbfPjjpwu5undFfGULwYpVyvo8gpdpCGH. Replace this address with YOUR bitcoin address.


cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1KbfPjjpwu5undFfGULwYpVyvo8gpdpCGH -p x


bfgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1KbfPjjpwu5undFfGULwYpVyvo8gpdpCGH -p x

Multiple Miners for the same Bitcoin Address

If you have multiple miners connecting to the same Bitcoin address append .worker01, .worker02, etc to the end of the Bitcoin address.

For example

Miner 1 Username = 14NsXfbi3DbdkqgGvcZu1bqVT8aoPxT2Pp.worker01

Miner 2 Username = 14NsXfbi3DbdkqgGvcZu1bqVT8aoPxT2Pp.worker02

Miner 3 Username = 14NsXfbi3DbdkqgGvcZu1bqVT8aoPxT2Pp.worker03

You can replace worker01 with your own names.



Bitsolo started up late November 2013 and was originally a private pool which has now turned public. There were not many easy ways to go solo mining as you have to have an up-to-date copy of the block chain running and do lots of configuration to get this to work. I had several USB block erupters earning under a dollar a week on the standard pools and no longer profitable to run. Instead of turning them off I decided to use them as lottery tickets to try and win the whole block of 25 bitcoins. This started the birth of Bitsolo and I have since added plenty more hashing power.