Tekcoin SHA-256

Our 0% fee solo Tekcoin mining service is now online, with the full block reward of 1 Tekcoin being awarded to any miners that submit a solved block.

To connect your miner, set your username to your Tekcoin wallet address (do not use an exchange address as some exchanges’ wallets do not accept generated transactions), and you may set a worker name to anything you wish by appending a period and your worker name to your wallet address.

Tekcoin Stratum Connection Settings:

Stratum URL:  stratum.bitsolo.net
(‘skip coinbase check’ option must be used, see below)
Stratum Port:  3337
Password:  x  (can be anything)
( Note: For Tekcoin the “#skipcbcheck” flag must be appended to the stratum URL if using BFGMiner, or if you are using different software you will want to look up how to “skip coinbase checks”. Please post in our Forums if you have any problems connecting. )

Command-line example for BFGMiner:

bfgminer -o stratum+tcp://stratum.bitsolo.net:3337/#skipcbcheck -u BWoJEvQBEggd9uBWefxaLXyUQcNmTWHbrU.0 -p x